Each growing season, Rutgers produces a newsletter entitled “What’s in Season from the Garden State”. This month the newsletter discusses the contributions of two distributors who have helped make Jersey Fresh produce available across the state to restaurants, schools, and local farmers markets. What makes these distributors so important that Rutgers has dedicated their seasonal newsletter to them? One of the main reasons why these distributors are valued is because they are bridging the gap between farmers and local businesses so that local produce is available to us! Check out the following link to view the whole newsletter and read more about the good our local distributors are doing for NJ.  Rutgers What’s in Season

Also found in the newsletter is a list of produce that is available through the winter from these distributors. I’ve included some links for recipes that can be made using a variety of the items found on the list. You can also find more recipes at the Jersey Fresh website.

Winter-Fresh Recipes

Red Quinoa with Roasted Butternut Squash, Cranberries and Pecans  This is a great winter dish, one that really sticks to your bones and gives you that warm feeling inside! Quinoa is a grain that is jam-packed with protein.  The butternut squash and cranberries add great flavor and color to this delicious dish.

Fried Brussels Sprouts In many the word fried usually conveys one of two messages; unhealthy or yummy! Well believe it or not this dish is both healthy and delicious. The Brussels sprouts are pan-fried in olive oil and lightly seasoned with garlic and lemon.  These veggies are a simple and satisfying addition to any meal!

Winter Vegetable Soup This soup is full of winter-harvested veggies.  It would be perfect served on a cold snowy day.

Feel free to share your winter-Fresh recipes with us!


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